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31% of gays vote GOP

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It’s a start.

The Democratic Party has been going to the well of identity politics pretty frequently as of late.  If my tally is correct you’re not a real woman, african american, latino/a, homosexual or muslim if you support Republicans, meaning, according to the logic pervasive in the Democratic Party, that you’re only allowed to worry about things like the economy and national security if you’re a white or asian male.

Strangely enough, the group with the most legitimate beef with the Republican Party seems to be the first to move in significant numbers away from the Dems.

Exit polling reveals that gay and lesbian voters played a critical role in the Republican Party’s historic gains in the U.S. House on Tuesday night. According to CNN, 31% of self-identified gay voters supported Republican candidates for the U.S. House. This number is a dramatic increase from the 19% GOP House candidates won among gay voters in 2008. “Exit polling makes it clear gay voters played an important role in bringing conservative leadership to Congress,” said Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director of GOProud, the only national organization representing gay conservatives and their allies. “It also proves something we have been saying for months now – that the Tea Party’s message of limiting government is something that appeals to many gay Americans.”

It should be mentioned that this 31% is of 3% of poll respondents, so “critical role” might go a little far.  Just sayin’…

Unfortunately, I don’t think that this is part of a trend.  The Christian Right or whatever you want to call it is a major factor in the Republican Party.  Sure, in this election the GOP focused on economic issues, and for the most part the major family values groups kept their mouths shut in the name of taking one for the team.  That’s not going to continue forever.  We’re heading into a Presidential election and Iowa and South Carolina are still two major stops, and you can bet that the Christian right is going to make themselves heard.

That said, I’m glad that, at least for a moment, it was acceptable for a gay person to care more about the economy then marriage rights or whatever screwing with gay people move du jour.


Written by updowndownup

November 8, 2010 at 7:57 am

Posted in Politics

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