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DeMint wants RNC to get Republicans elected, exploring “some alternatives” at RNC

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The former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland Mic...

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The lack of a well-organized voter mobilization effort by the Republican National Committee could have cost the GOP “a few Senate seats,” Sen. Jim DeMint suggested Sunday.

Partly as a result, the South Carolina Republican suggested he wouldn’t support a second term for controversial RNC Chairman Michael Steele, saying on “Fox News Sunday” “I’m looking for some alternatives right now.”

“I haven’t decided who would support,” DeMint said, “but we need a strong national Republican organization to help organize the energy of the tea parties and the other citizen activism that we are seeing out there right now. We need to make sure that we have a lot of boots on the ground.”

In fairness, it was the best Republican year in the house since 1938 and it was not a very favorable Republican cycle in the Senate in terms of who was up for reelection.  And Republicans did win some races they weren’t expected to.  That said, for all of the squawking about how strong a mandate this was for the GOP (and don’t get me wrong, it was), to a large extent was the tsunami that wasn’t.

Republican party ID was running ahead of Democrat ID, that’s unheard of.  We were posting double-digit generic ballot leads, that was unheard of.  And despite this we still lost West Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, Washington and Alaska, along with the Colorado and Illinois gubernatorial elections.  If the GOP was kicking on all cylinders, they would have won all of those.  Winds have never been so much at their backs and the GOP simply didn’t fully capitalize.  If everything was working like it should there’s no way Michael Bennet beats Ken Buck in Colorado in the best Republican year in generations.  Remember 6 years ago George W. Bush won that state, it’s not deep blue by any means.

It doesn’t all fall on the shoulders of Michael Steele.  The RNC was definitely present and active in bringing about a lot of wins, and a lot of other campaign apparatuses were responsible for those lost races.  The problem is that we’re not going to have a lot of cycles like this one.  2012 is going to be a very different (and probably much younger and less conservative) than 2010, and who knows about 2014, which is a political eternity away.  President Obama may seem weak at the moment, but Bill Clinton looked just this weak this far out and President Obama’s campaign is going to be gigantic, featuring a lot of the best political talent in the United States.  The media will be completely saturated with Obama propaganda aimed at getting young kids jazzed about voting.  Dem ID will almost certainly be significantly higher than GOP.  Beating Obama is not going to be easy.

It’s not a time where Republicans can afford underperforming assets.  They need serious campaign talent in all of the Republican campaign apparatuses, and that starts with the RNC.


Written by updowndownup

November 15, 2010 at 6:58 pm

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