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“Conservatives believe in free market capitalism without restriction or regulation regardless of the drain on the economy, and keep working Americans in near poverty in order to maximize profits. When they cannot beat down workers in America, they lobby legislators to get tax breaks for moving jobs out of the country where they find the cheapest possible labor. When Democrats tried to take the tax breaks and incentives away for moving jobs overseas, Republicans blocked their efforts and insured that Americans stayed unemployed; just so corporations could keep their tax breaks, cheap labor, and no regulatory oversight.

Republicans also made every attempt to block financial reforms so banks and the rich could continue reaping profits at the expense of workers. It seems that conservatives believe banks, corporations, and the wealthy are privileged, and work tirelessly to allow them unrestricted control and wealth at the expense of working people. The founding fathers did not, and would not approve of the mindset and practices of conservatives regarding big business and the banking industry.”

“Candidate Obama‘s constant message was about rejecting the smallness of the politics that keeps up from solving our country’s problems. This isn’t a ‘center’ message because that implies it lies somewhere between the establishment Democrats and the establishment Republicans. This was an off-axis message, that was rejecting the corrupting influence on lobby money by both parties.

The appeal of Barack O(b)ama wasn’t that he’d mindlessly ‘reach across the aisle’ with the Republicans but that as a relative political newcomer that he’d actually call the Democrats on their shit, too. The message of Hope and Change was about hoping he’d change the lobbyist, revolving door culture of Washington and lead.”

What evidence suggests that Tea Partiers are peasants with pitchforks? There is none. Recall the huge Glenn Beck rally in Washington in August: Its theme was “restoring honor” — hardly an expression of fury. And no Washington demonstrators in memory have left behind a cleaner mall. Rarely are irate people so fastidious.

Among the candidates the Tea Party most enthusiastically supported was the even-tempered Marco Rubio, now on his way to the U.S. Senate from Florida. They also favored failed candidates Christine O’Donnell in Delaware and Sharron Angle in Nevada. You can say O’Donnell and Angle were not ready for primetime. But you can’t credibly charge that they either displayed or cultivated anger. They did not refer to their political opponents as “enemies” — as President Obama did when speaking of Republicans to a Hispanic group.

What too many in the media have refused to recognize is that Tea Party members are not calling for a revolution — they’re calling for a restoration.”


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