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Is Rahm Getting Worried?

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If he isn’t, he should be.  That said, it sure looks like he is.

The Chicago for Rahm campaign issued a press release Thursday evening touting Emanuel’s plan for immigration reform…in Chicago.

“Just because Congress has yet to pass the Dream Act doesn’t mean we will wait for progress in Chicago,” Emanuel said in a statement. “All children in Chicago deserve to have access to a quality education, and we will make sure they have that opportunity.”

Emanuel’s plan would not provide a path to citizenship as a national DREAM Act would, but would “allow these children to access the same financial aid opportunities as every other child,” according to his campaign.

Now it’s an awfully big roll out for an announcement that he’s essentially planning on being squishy when it comes to illegal immigrants.  As if there’s someone running for Mayor who’s gonna take a hard line.

De Valle is pissed, which is pretty funny.

This obvious pander comes on the heels of a Teamsters Poll showing that he finally has an opponent who’s broken through the 12% ceiling (and has done so with vengeance).

Emanuel leads former U.S. senator Carol Moseley Braun, 42%-26%, in a survey commissioned by the Chicago Teamsters. Emanuel led with 36% in the Teamsters’ November poll.

Rahm has seemingly plateaued in the low 40’s, painfully close to the point where he could avoid a runoff.  Frankly, I thought the whole “get Meeks and Davis out so we can have a consensus black candidate” was dumb, because even if Davis’ and Meeks’ supporters broke for Braun 5-1, 10-1 or whatever, they still ran more of a risk of pushing Rahm over the 50% mark than they did of making sure whoever came in 2nd in the primary wasn’t Chico (which, of course, doesn’t matter if Rahm gets to 50).

What we see here is that seemingly every single Davis or Meeks supporter went to Braun, which is a staggering concept.

What’s worse for Rahm is it seems like there is now not only a consensus black candidate, but there’s a consensus non-Rahm candidate.  With Braun’s lead over Chico now matching Rahm’s lead over her, Millionaire Lobbyist isn’t going to go anywhere.

This is also an opportunity.  Braun’s been banging the nepotism equivalent of the black power drum pretty hard for a while, and it’s going to take some work for her to start building a cross-racial base.   Between the whites supporting Chico and the hispanics supporting DeValle, there are just about enough there to push Rahm past the magic number.  IF they can be wiggled loose.  And considering that neither Chico nor De Valle have a snowball’s chance in hell at the number 2 spot, it’s hard to imagine there aren’t a few there who actually want their votes to count…

Exit question:  If Braun isn’t making any money, how the hell does she pay her 4 mortgages on her multi-million dollar Hyde Park mansion?  Haha, oh yeah…

One is a loan from First Midwest Bank for $97,025, according to records on file at the Cook County Recorder of Deeds, and the other she owes to a millionaire TV station owner who is one of her past campaign contributors.


Written by updowndownup

January 14, 2011 at 8:42 am

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