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Why Not? New York Village Bans Smoking…Outdoors

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No your eyes aren’t deceiving you.  Really, you should be thank them for being so much more enlightened than you.  Who knows, without people like this you’d probably be dead by now.

The incorporated village of Great Neck, New York is the first municipality in the Empire State to ban smoking outdoors.

The new law, which went into effect January 4, prohibits smoking on public sidewalks in Great Neck, a village with some 9,500 residents located in Nassau County, or within 125 feet of Middle Neck Road, the village’s main throughway. It also bans smoking in front of businesses, at the Village Green Park and the Village Housing authority.

Though it is still legal to smoke within Great Neck’s municipal parking lots, you can no longer smoke on the parking lot’s benches or within 10 feet of them.

If you think about the arguments behind banning smoking indoors, it’s just a logical extension.  Inhalation of smoke could theoretically cause cancer, so smoking around other people could kill them.  The only difference between smoking indoors and smoking outdoors is the smoke can dissipate more freely outdoors, but no one ever put a qualifier of a smoke-to-air ratio floor.

I’m of the opinion that there’s no problem with this.  People who have a positive view of human nature (and subsequently have a positive view of human freedom) tend to avoid places like this.  That means, for the most part, the only people who suffer because of people like this are people who presumably support this kind of fascist garbage, meaning they arguably deserve it.  If anything, it’s divine justice.


Written by updowndownup

January 15, 2011 at 11:30 pm

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