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And Yet Somehow Mike Madigan Still Walks Free

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Small potatoes

Via Drudge Report, NBC is reporting the FBI has made the biggest mafia bust in New York history:

With more than 100 arrests expected, officials said the charges this day surpass the large 2008 mafia raids where 80-plus suspected members of organized crime were charged.

At that time, John ‘Jackie the Nose’ D’Amico and other reputed leaders of the Gambino crime family were targeted in the U.S. while Italian authorities conducted simultaneous raids on mafia groups there.

FBI officials have said organized crime is still active in New York’s construction industry.  Labor union corruption, loansharking and gambling among the other schemes run by the mob.

FBI officials did officially confirm the arrests.

The mafia has been greatly romanticized through American cinema, but these busts are always a good thing.  Still, these mobsters have nothing on Madigan when it comes to organized crime.  None of them ever thought to get the entire state government under their thumb and install their own daughter as attorney general.  Their biggest mistake is they just didn’t think big enough.

Not long after developer Anthony Rossi got City Hall approval for a much-needed zoning change in downtown Chicago, he received a surprising phone call from the speaker of the Illinois House.

Michael J. Madigan wasn’t calling to talk about state issues. Instead, Madigan was drumming up legal business for his property tax appeal firm.

“When Mike Madigan calls and asks for a meeting, you meet with him,” Rossi said in an interview with the Tribune.

Madigan and his law partner met with Rossi in September 2008. Together they went one by one through the portfolio of buildings Rossi represents until he referred them to a downtown high-rise he manages that might need a tax attorney.

“Nobody wants to piss off the speaker of the House,” Rossi said. “I mean, I was born and raised in this town.”

The firm got the contract. It was another success for Madigan, the rainmaker.

The client list for Madigan & Getzendanner includes some of the most prestigious skyscrapers in Chicago’s famous skyline — from the John Hancock Center on Michigan Avenue to the Prudential Plaza towers across from Millennium Park.

In 2006, the last reassessment year in which full statistics are available, Madigan’s firm won enough appeals to cut more than $183 million from the taxable value of the top high-rises it represented, the Tribune examination shows. Most of that success was at the Board of Review, where Madigan ally Berrios is one of three elected members. The panel was established as a separate avenue of appeal to contest the assessor’s decisions.

In broad daylight.  Reported in the Chicago Tribune.  And the last major official to take him on…a certain Rod Blagojevich…I think we all know what happened to him.  Also can’t hurt the guy who’s Senatorial campaign he oversaw occupies a nice white house on Pennsylvania Ave. in DC.  Like I said, they just didn’t think big enough.


Written by updowndownup

January 20, 2011 at 4:05 pm

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