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Most Blood Chilling Story You’ll Read All Year

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Comes from the Chicago Tribune.  It’s the police interview with Keith Randulich, who at the time was an 18 year old senior at Lincoln-Way East High School in Mokena, IL, right after he slit his 4 year old sister’s throat with a steak knife.

In the video, Randulich, then an 18-year-old senior earning mostly A’s at Lincoln-Way East High School, explained that he decided to kill his sister to protect her from a relative he believed was sexually abusing the girl.

After his parents and brother left for an event on May 22, Randulich told police he washed some dishes in the kitchen and grabbed a steak knife, which he tucked into his hoodie’s front pocket.

Then he and Clement, dressed in blue and pink pajamas, her wavy brown hair tied in a ponytail, went into Randulich’s basement bedroom to watch “SpongeBob SquarePants” while another brother played a video game upstairs.

When Clement told Randulich she wanted to paint with him, her brother said he would, but asked her to lie on the floor first. He then knelt down, apparently straddling her.

“I just said I loved her and I took out the knife and she smiled at me,” Randulich told the detectives. “I made just a little cut in her neck and she screamed and said, ‘Stop!'”

“I knew right then that I had to kill my little sister,” he said later in the recording. “There was no going back at that point … me and her were best friends.”

“I just started doing it again,” he said. “She grabbed her neck, but I just kept going.”

Really, I don’t know where to begin.  Was this a tragedy (I mean, obviously, but in the sense that it’s just one of those things)?  Was this a result of abuse?  Was this a result of mental illness?  It doesn’t seem like the killer’s feigning his love for his sister, so what the hell?  Could this have been prevented?  Was this guy evil?

I’ve got nothing.


Written by updowndownup

January 26, 2011 at 10:28 am

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