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Something Tells Me Daniel O’Reilly Was Aiming for State Senate

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Madigan says NO!

So yesterday the news broke that Daniel O’Reilly, Village President of Stickney, IL, was busted for improperly claiming tax breaks on two local businesses he owns by the Cook County Assessors Office.

Stickney Village President Daniel O’Reilly improperly claimed property tax breaks on two of his businesses, prompting the Cook County assessor’s office to revoke those exemptions as well as one on his home, an official said Wednesday.

O’Reilly claimed homeowner exemptions on the two businesses since 2003, despite having claimed the exemption on his home in Stickney since 1999, said Kelley Quinn, a spokeswoman for the assessor.

Now if you’re not familiar with the Cook County Assessor’s Office, it’s run by Joe Berrios, noted Mike Madigan crony, chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party and “Mr. Pay-to-Play“.  The entire Illinois machine runs through Madigan and Berrios, and “improper tax breaks” are the currency they use.  So naturally when I saw this story, I got a little curious.

Turns out there’s something else going on down in Stickney (a suburb near Lyons and Berwyn).

It turns out Lou Viverito, State Senator from the 11th district, Stickney Township Supervisor and another Madigan crony, recently resigned from his Senate seat.  Right after he voted for the tax increase and also dicked over the Village of Brookfield.

In addition to his vote on the income tax increase, Viverito was the state legislator who authored a law outlawing any municipality from imposing an amusement tax on a zoo operating on land owned by the Cook County Forest Preserve District.

That law, which passed the Illinois General Assembly on Jan. 7, appears to have thwarted a bid by the Village of Brookfield to impose a 25-cent-per-head tax on admission at Brookfield Zoo. The village imposed the tax in December despite the protests of the Chicago Zoological Society, which operates Brookfield Zoo.

The society lobbied state legislators to pass a law against the tax, which Viverito did in November, a move that blindsided the village.

According to the Tribune, Viverito wants Mayor Steve Landek of Bridgeview to replace him in the Senate.  These appointments are done by area committeemen.  And it just so happens that a fair amount of Brookfield is in the 11th Senate District, meaning their committeemen get to participate in the choosing of Viverito’s replacement.

Bear in mind the only evidence I’m going off of is listed above (plus what we all know about Madigan and Berrios).  What I am almost certain of is someone was lining up votes to challenge Landek in the committeemen vote.  Either O’Reilly was looking to be the replacement or he was an integral vote in one way or another and Madigan was sending a message to anyone considering any funny business.  I’m guessing the message has been received.

Really, you can’t feel too bad for the guy.  Whoever came out of this was going to be a machine crony anyway, and if you’re going to try to take down Madigan’s anointed, you have to be pretty damn stupid to still be suckling at the Berrios’ teet.  What did you think was going to happen?  If you wanted to just stump for votes without preparing for any consequences, go to the model UN.  The Illinois State Senate is probably not the place for you.


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