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Hunker Down – Snow Storm Thread – Sudan Secession

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So for those outside of Illinois, you may not of heard but SNOW APOCALYPSE is on its way.  Between this afternoon and Wednesday morning there’s supposed to be something like 2 feet of snow dropped on Chicago.  Not magical Christmas snow-angel, snowman and sledding snow either.  Fucking freezing tornado snow.  The Illinois legislature has already cancelled this week’s sessions in anticipation.


Iiiiii just wanna celebraaaate

So to think of something warmer, and slightly more hopeful, yesterday South Sudan voted to secede from North Sudan (over 99% turnout, and over 99% voted in favor of secession).  If it works, it will correct one of the biggest fuck-ups coming out of African colonialism.  It’s not a done deal though.  The current oil revenue sharing agreement (2% to oil producing states, the rest is split 50/50 between the Northern federal government and the Southern federal government) expires in July – right when the South will be splitting off from the North.  Oil is just about the only source of money for Sudan, north or south, so if the South tries to keep the money (which kind of makes sense, as all of the oil is in the South) it’s a recipe for the third civil war.

To make things more difficult, there’s the little issue of the Abyei region.  It’s a tiny little area that is seen as the traditional gateway between the North and South, but the only reason anyone really cares about it is it contains about a quarter of all of the oil in Sudan (!).  They are supposed to have a referendum on whether they join the north or south, but that referendum has been put off indefinitely because the North and South can’t agree on who should count as a resident.  This issue could be made less contentious if the North and South strike a revenue sharing agreement that doesn’t put a lot of stake on which country the oil is actually in, but if not…could be very bad.

Still for a country that’s been in the midst of one of the worst Civil Wars in the world for nearly 4 decades, this is the most hopeful sign since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005.


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January 31, 2011 at 2:48 pm